St. Herman of Alaska Orthodox SoborSt. Herman of Alaska Orthodox Sobor
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April 29,
6:00PM Great Vespers

April 30,
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9:30AM Divine Liturgy
Memorial Litya

May 6,
6:00PM Great Vespers

Sunday, April 23


Tone 1. Holy Glorious Greatmartyr, Victorybearer and Wonderworker George (303). St. Thomas Sunday. Martyr Alexandra the Empress, wife of Diocletian (303). Martyrs Anatolius and Protoleon, soldiers converted by witnessing the martyrdom of St. George (303).

Acts 5:12-20 (Epistle) John 20:19-31 (Gospel)

Please direct all inquiries to the church office.

*In an emergency contact Fr. Vincent at (780) 288-5347

Additional Parking
is available Sunday morning at the Continental Inn parking lot – 166 St. and 100 Ave. If you expect to park there regularly remember to place a parking permit card on your dash. Parking permits are available on the candle desk in the narthex.



(General budget income; does not include designated funds)

Amount received on Sunday, Apr. 16, 2017: $3437.65
Weekly Goal: $4,250.00
Total received for April, 2017: $15,268.51

Budget goal for each month: $17,400.00

Lawn Mowing Season is Here!

A sign-up sheet for mowing the lawn is located on the bulletin board in the narthex. Please take time to put your name down to volunteer.

PLEASE NOTE: The City of Edmonton has asked us not to mow the lawn before 7:00 a.m. or after 10:00 p.m., Mondays to Saturdays and before 9:00 a.m. or after 7:00 p.m., Sundays and holidays.


To assist Fr. Vincent in the blessing of the graves of your family members, please sign your name to the sign-up sheet on the bulletin board in the narthex.

It is traditional in the Orthodox Church to bless the graves of our loved ones during the Paschal season. As we bless the graves with Holy Water, we also pray that the Lord would have mercy on our loved ones, and grant them a place of brightness, a place of refreshment, and a place of rest, where all sickness, sighing, and sorrow have fled away. We also pray that God would forgive all the sins which they have committed in this life, and bestow upon them His bountiful love. What a wonderful way that we can still be a part of our loved one's lives, even after they after departed this life from us. Some people even take a lunch to the grave blessing with them, to share with their family at the grave after the grave blessing.

Grave Blessing Schedule:

Sunday, April 23 – Leduc @ 3:30 pm

Sunday, April 30 – Northern Lights @ 12:30 pm
Holy Cross @ 12:50 pm
Mount Pleasant @ 1:20 pm
Saint Anthony @ 1:30 pm

Sunday, May 7 – Westlawn @ 12:15 pm
Saint Michael @ 1:00 pm
Beechmount @ 2:15 pm
Evergreen @ 3:15 pm
Rosehill @ 4:30 pm

If you have a loved one buried in a cemetery not listed on the schedule above or you are unable to be at the cemetery during the scheduled times, please let Fr. Vincent know.

Assembly of the Archdiocese of Canada

“Refreshment for the Journey”


Our parish of St. Herman's has been chosen by Archbishop Irénée and the Archdiocesan Council to host the 2017 Canadian Archdiocesan Assembly. This event will be taking place July 26-28, with a parish BBQ on the evening of Tuesday, July 25.. We are excited to be hosting all the clergy, as well as lay delegates, observers, and special guests from across our country (and some from the U.S.) Please keep this assembly in the forefront of your prayers. If you would like to attend this assembly as an observer, or part of the assembly, please pick up a registration form located on the candle desk in the narthex.

St. Peter the Aleut Orthodox Summer Camp

Volunteers are needed to help staff St. Peter the Aleut Orthodox Summer Camp this year. Of special need this summer are kitchen staff, a head cook and female counseling staff. The deadline for staff applications is Sunday, May 21st. Applications can be found in the narthex. Camp registration forms are now available in the narthex as well. The deadline for registrations are July 16 th , but if you register before June 25 you can take $25 off the registration fee. If you have any questions about volunteering as staff or sending your child to camp, please see Christie Oswald or Fr. Daniel Friesen.

Candles, Candles Everywhere

... except the washrooms, please. A lot of candle wax was on the washroom floors after the Paschal services. Please don’t take them, or let your children take them, in there.

Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen!

Христос Воскресе! Воистину Воскресе!

Χριστός ἀνέστη!" Ἀληθῶς ἀνέστη

Hristus A Inviat! Adeverat a Inviat!

Al Maset’h ahm! Hat’em ahm!

Cristo ha resucitado! Verdaderamente, ha resucitado!

Le Christ est ressuscité! En vérité Il est ressuscité!

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St. John Climacus
Words of Wisdom
Flog your enemies with the Name of Jesus and let the remembrance of Jesus be present with each breath.
- St. John Climacus