St. Herman of Alaska Orthodox SoborSt. Herman of Alaska Orthodox Sobor
Upcoming Services
September 28,
7:00PM Orthodoxy 101

September 30,
7:00PM Youth Group - Laser Tag

Sunday, September 25


Tone 5. Repose of Ven. Sergius (Sérgii), Abbot and Wonderworker of Rádonezh (1392). Ven. Euphrosyne of Alexandria (5th c.). Ven. Euphrosyne of Suzdal’ (1250). Translation of the Relics of St. Herman, Archbishop of Kazan’ (1595). Martyr Paphnutius and 546 companions in Egypt (3rd c.).

1 Corinthians 1:21 – 2:4 Luke 5:1 – 11

Please direct all inquiries to the church office.

*In an emergency contact Fr. Vincent at (780) 288-5347

Additional Parking
is available Sunday morning at the Continental Inn parking lot – 166 St. and 100 Ave. If you expect to park there regularly remember to place a parking permit card on your dash. Parking permits are available on the candle desk in the narthex.



(General budget income; does not include designated funds)

Amount received on Sunday, Sept. 18, 2016: $3,051.90
Weekly Goal: $4,250.00
Total received for September, 2016: $8,073.43
Budget goal for each month: $17,000.00

Parish Annual Meeting – Sunday, October 23 after coffee hour

Dumpster Mystery

For the last two weeks, four times the right dumpster lid chain was not placed on the padlock. As often happens in this city, people will use an unlocked dumpster to dispose of their garbage. If they fill up the dumpster we have to arrange for the city to do a pick-up which involves an extra fee if it is outside of their regular schedule.

Theological Education, Seminaries and Seminarians

On Sunday, October 2, the Archdiocese requests that we have a special collection for our Seminaries, Seminarians, and other Theological Education initiatives of our archdiocese. Please use the offering envelopes as usual, and mark your envelopes "For Seminaries".


A Steak BBQ to welcome in the Church New Year will be held on September 24, 2016 at the Church Hall at 6:00 PM following the 5:00 PM Vesper Service. Please invite your family and friends to the BBQ. Remaining funds after expenses will go towards future church maintenance.

BBQ Steak Supper: $25:00
Burger and Hotdog Supper: $15.00 (Alternate Meal for youths 13- 17 years of age)
Burger and Hotdog Supper: $10.00 (Alternate Meal for youths 7- 12 years of age)
ADULTS, 18 YEARS AND OLDER: All meals - $25.00
FREE Burger and Hotdog Supper: AGES 6 years and under.

Families are invited to bring board games for their children to share and enjoy. A coloring table with Christian coloring pages will be available to the children to use

Please contact Stella @ 780-722-4100 for ticket sales during the week. Thank you.

Gobble, Gobble – Sunday, October 16

Our parish will hold its annual Harvest/Thanksgiving luncheon on Sunday, October 16 after Divine Liturgy. Sign-up sheet is in the narthex. Everyone is welcome. God bless you all! Lil :)

In preparation for our Annual Meeting in October:


Please fill out a “Declaration and/or renewal of Parish Stewardship 2016-2017” form and deposit the completed form in the wooden box labeled “Stewardship Forms” located on the display case in the narthex.


Please write the name of the person whom you would like to nominate on the nomination sheet located on the bulletin board in the narthex. (Please be sure to have the person’s consent before writing their name on the nomination sheet.)


Please send any resolutions you would like to have discussed and voted on to Fr. Vincent (


All reports for the Parish Annual Meeting should be submitted to the Church office by Sunday, October 9.

Giving to the Church

Excerpt from Q & A, “Parish Life” OCA website

The bottom line is this: God does expect us to give; it is not an “option” for Christians, any more than prayer and fasting and almsgiving and worship are options or personal preferences. Our Lord says, “When you give,” “when you fast,” “when you pray,” not “if” you give, fast, and pray. He expects us to offer to Him first, not after we have satisfied our personal needs and bills.

He does demand our love . . . but He expects us to reveal our love in concrete ways—one of which is by returning to Him a portion of the gifts with which He has blessed us. And, I might add, that this does not only involves our treasures, but our time and talents as well, for these are also gifts from God. Hence, in addition to offering of our financial resources, we are expected to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick and imprisoned, and minister to “the least of the brethren,” recognizing in others the very image and icon of our Savior Himself.

If we are of limited material means, we should still give something, while also giving all the more generously of our time and talents to minister to others through the Church—and I don’t know an Orthodox parish that is not constantly looking for volunteers to do everything from teaching Sunday School to collecting food and clothing for the needy or ministering to the homeless or battered or forgotten or visiting the parish shut-ins, to name just a few essential ministries entrusted to all of God’s people, and not just the clergy. And, as Christ clearly spells out, we are expected to give of our time, our talents, and our treasures joyfully, not worrying about what others may or may not be doing, or with the intention of being “seen” or “lauded” by others. We are taught that Our Lord is the only one Who needs to see our compassion and charity and generosity, whether they be offering our time, our talents, or our money; it is for His sake, and His sake alone, that we do these things, that in all things “God may be glorified,” as Saint Paul writes.

Is it not possible, despite . . . limited income, to set aside a portion of your resources for the Church before setting aside money for rent and food and the orthodontist? As Christ challenges us, look at the birds of the air — do they worry about how they will eat; and to look at the lilies of the field—even Solomon in his finest garb could not compare to the beauty in which they have been clothed by their Creator. So too, setting aside $20, or $40, or even $100 weekly or monthly—or even just two coins, if that is all we have—before setting aside money for other things may at first be a bit difficult or awkward, but it is consistent with what we are taught by Jesus Christ. And those who do this find that they still have plenty left over for themselves. In 30 years of priesthood, I have never met anyone who has gone bankrupt because they have given to the Church! And I have met plenty who, in thanksgiving for how God spares us, have made the commitment to give Him more than their “spare change.”

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St. Maximus the Confessor
Words of Wisdom
As the memory of fire does not warm the body, so faith without love does not bring about the illumination of knowledge in the soul.
- St. Maximus the Confessor