St. Herman of Alaska Orthodox SoborSt. Herman of Alaska Orthodox Sobor
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July 4,
1:00PM Peter & Natalie Wedding
6:00PM Great Vespers

July 5,
9:10AM Hours
9:30AM Divine Liturgy

July 11,
6:00PM Reader Vespers

Sunday, July 5


Tone 4. Ven. Athanasius, Founder of the Great Lavra and Coenobitic Monasticism on Mt. Athos, and his six disciples (1000). Uncovering of the Relics of Ven. Sergius (Sérgii) of Rádonezh (1422). Martyr Anna at Rome (304) and Martyr Cyrilla, of Cyrene in Libya, a widow (304). Ven. Lampadus of Hirenopolis (10th c.). Hieromartyr Cyprian of Mt. Athos (1679).

Romans 10:1-10 (Epistle) Matthew 8:28-9:1 (Gospel

Additional Parking
is available Sunday morning at the Continental Inn parking lot – 166 St. and 100 Ave. If you expect to park there regularly remember to place a parking permit card on your dash. Parking permits are available on the candle desk in the narthex.

Please direct all inquiries to the church office.

*In an emergency contact Fr. Vincent at (780) 288-5347


Fr. Vincent will be on holiday from June 29 – July 19 and will be attending the All American Council from July 20 – July 24. Please direct all inquiries to the church office.


Please do not leave children unattended in the library downstairs on Sundays during the agape meal as the room had to be ”tidied up” the last couple of weeks. Also please do not use the library for storage of boxes, pots, pans, etc. as this room is used for classes and parish council meetings during the week.

Memorial Litya

Our next Memorial Litya will be following the Divine Liturgy on Sunday, August 2. If you have any loved ones who have recently reposed, please call the parish office with their names, and Fr Vincent will pray for them during this service.

St Peter the Aleut Summer Camp

St Peter the Aleut Summer Camp is thrilled to announce the dates and location for 2015! Camp this year will be Sunday, August 9th through Saturday, August 15th, for campers (completed grade 2 – completed grade 9), with a training day for the volunteer staff on Saturday, August 8th. This year, camp will be at Pioneer Bible Camp, Hanmore Lake, Alberta. Staff applications and camper registrations are now available and are located on the candle desk in the narthex. Camper registrations are due Sunday, July 19th. It takes many volunteers to run camp, so please prayerfully consider how you can be involved in camp this year.

Orthodoxy 101

Starting on Wednesday, September 2 (7-9 PM), and continuing for 8 weeks, Fr. Vincent will be leading another group study on the book “Introducing the Orthodox Church: Its Faith and Life” by Fr. Anthony Coniaris. This class is ideal not only for Orthodox who would like to deepen their understanding of their Orthodox Faith, but is also a great introduction to the Faith for any non-Orthodox who would like to understand a bit more about the Orthodox Church (what it believes and teaches, and why). There will be a fee of $20 to cover the cost of your book (provided at the first meeting). Those who have previously taken the class are welcome to join in again. If interested, please place your name on the sign-up sheet on the bulletin board.

Coffee Hour Schedule

If you are interested in signing up for a coffee hour luncheon group please see Lil :)


The yoke of Christ, you took on yourself with faith, while bearing your cross upon your shoulders as a true and unrivalled emulator of His dread Passion and sharer of His great glory, partaking of divine and unending joy, O Athanasius.

- Kontakion


Monday, June 29, 9:30 am – Divine Liturgy (Feast of St. Peter and Paul)

Sunday, July 26 – Blessing of Vehicles

Sunday, July 26, 6 PM – Holy Unction

Sunday, August 9 – Feast of St. Herman of Alaska with Blessing of Waters

Saturday, September 19 – Super Saturday Christian Education Day (a monthly series of classes for the whole family)

October 5-17 – Iconography Classes with Fr. Vladimir Lysak

Saturday, November 7 – Fall Retreat with Frederica Mathewes-Green (Theme: “Living as an Orthodox Christian in a Secular World”)

Mount Athos

Mount Athos as a monastic community was formally founded in 963, when St. Athanasius (not to be confused with the 4th century St. Athanasius the Great) established the monastery of Great Lavra, still the largest and most prominent of the 20 monasteries. Today Mount Athos is an autonomous state under Greek sovereignty. Only monks are allowed to establish permanent residency on Athos and the current population numbers around 1,400. Politically the peninsula is mostly self-governed and the capital city and administrative centre, Karyes, is home to a governor as the representative of the Greek state. Beyond the monasteries there are 12 sketae, smaller communities of monks, as well as many (solitary) hermitages throughout the peninsula. Visits to the peninsula are possible for laymen, but they need special permission. Women are completely barred from the peninsula, a fact which has earned a certain amount of fame; even female domestic animals (with the exception, some say, of cats, as well as chickens which lay eggs that provide the fresh egg yolk needed for the paint used in iconography) are forbidden.

- OrhodoxWiki

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St John Chrysostom
Words of Wisdom
To love Christ -means not to be a hireling, not to look upon a noble life as an enterprise or trade, but to be a true benefactor and to do everything only for the sake of love for God.
- St John Chrysostom