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August 2,
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August 3,
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August 6,
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Sunday, July 27


Tone 6. Holy Greatmartyr and Healer Panteleimon (305). Bl. Nikolai Kochanov, Fool-for-Christ, at Novgorod (1392). Ven. Anthusa, Abbess of Mantinea in Asia Minor, and her 90 sisters (8th c.). Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Clement, Bishop of Ochrid and Enlightener of the Bulgarians (916), and with him Ss. Angelar, Horasdus (Gorazd), Nahum, and Sabbas, disciples of Ss. Cyril and Methodius.

Please direct all inquiries to the church office.

*In an emergency contact Fr. Vincent at (780) 288-5347

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is available Sunday morning at the Continental Inn parking lot – 166 St. and 100 Ave. If you expect to park there
regularly remember to place a parking permit card on your dash. Parking permits are available on the candle desk in the narthex.


Coffee Hour Groups

Please remember: Fire doors in the basement (each door is labelled) should be closed when you leave the church after coffee hour. (If any fire doors are left open and a fire starts for any reason, our insurance will NOT cover us – Parish Council.) Also, please remember to turn off the light in the furnace room behind the kitchen and turn off the fan in the kitchen when you leave.

New Offering Envelopes

New offering envelopes are now in use. Please check off the box at the bottom of the envelope (Cheque, Cash or Debit) then place the amount you are donating on the line adjacent to the box.

August: A “Month of Feasts”

Please plan to attend the following feasts this August:

Holy Transfiguration, Wednesday, August 6
Divine Liturgy – 9:30 a.m.

Glorification of St. Herman:
Great Vespers, Friday, August 8 – 6:30 pm
Divine Liturgy, Saturday, August 9 – 9:30 a.m.

Holy Dormition:
Great Vespers, Thursday, August 14 – 6:30 p.m.
Divine Liturgy, Friday, August 15 – 9:30 a.m.

Celebrate our Patronal Feast Day of St. Herman of Alaska!

A Lenten potluck will take place after the Divine Liturgy on Saturday, August 9, 2014. A sign-up sheet is located on the bulletin board in the narthex. Hope to see you there! :)

Orthodox Women’s Retreat 2014

“The Bible, Our Book”

Guest Speaker: Father David Hovik

Where: Entheos Retreat Centre
242032 Range Road 40

When: September 19-21, 2014

Deadline to register: September 1, 2014

For more information please see the pamphlet/registration form in the narthex.

St. Panteleimon

The holy, glorious and right-victorious Greatmartyr Panteleimon (born Pantaleon) the Unmercenary Healer was martyred under the reign of Emperor Maximian (ca. 305 A.D.). His feast day is celebrated on July 27.

St. Panteleimon had been educated as a physician, and he "dedicated his life to the suffering, the sick, the unfortunate and the needy. He treated all those who turned to him without charge, healing them in the name of Jesus Christ. He visited those held captive in prison. These were usually Christians, and he healed them of their wounds. In a short time, reports of the charitable physician spread throughout the city. Forsaking the other doctors, the inhabitants began to turn only to St. Panteleimon."

Other physicians brought his case before the Emperor Maximian. St. Panteleimon confessed to being a Christian and refused to offer sacrifice to the state gods. He suggested that a sick person, for whom the doctors held out no hope, should be brought before the emperor. Then the doctors could invoke their gods, and Panteleimon would pray to his God to heal the man. A man paralyzed for many years was brought in, and pagan priests who knew the art of medicine invoked their gods without success. Then, before the very eyes of the emperor, the saint healed the paralytic by calling on the name of Jesus Christ. The ferocious Maximian executed the healed man, and gave St. Panteleimon over to fierce torture.

Hermolaus, Hermippus, and Hermocrates were brought forth; they confessed and were beheaded. Throughout the many tortures, St. Panteleimon remained untouched. Enraged, Maximian ordered that St. Panteleimon be beheaded. The soldiers took him to an olive tree, but when they struck him while he was praying, the sword melted like wax. After he finished his prayer, a Voice was heard from Heaven, calling the passion-bearer by his new name and summoning him to the heavenly Kingdom. He instructed the soldiers to rise from their knees where they had fallen in fear and to complete the execution. After they followed his instruction, the olive tree became covered with fruit.

Although his body was thrown into a fire, it came out unharmed and was buried by Christians. His head is located on the island of Andros at the Panachrantos monastery and, on occassions, is taken to other monasteries for veneration. Some of his relics can be found at the Putna Monastery (Bucovina, Romania), as well as in the Ss. Peter and Paul Cathedral in Constanţa, Romania.

St. Panteleimon is invoked in the prayers at the blessing of water and the blessing of oil, together with St. Hermolaus and the other unmercenaries and wonder-workers.

- OrthodoxWiki article,

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St. John Climacus
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