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Saint Anastasia

Anastasia was born in the city of Rome in the year 275 A.D., to a pagan father whose name was Bristanos and a Christian mother whose name was Flafia. Her mother baptized her secretly without her father's knowledge, and also brought her up in the teachings of the Christian faith. She was steadfast in her faith and no one was able to dissuade her.

When she was at the age of marriage, her father gave her away to a pagan youth, against her wishes. St. Anastasia prayed to the Lord Christ with fervent supplications, asking Him to separate her from this pagan youth who was away from the faith.

When her husband went to work, she used to visit those who were imprisoned for their faith. She ministered to them, comforted them, and offered them whatever they needed. When her husband learned about this, he kept her at home, placing guards over her. She continued to pray and ask God with tears and supplications to save her from the hands of her husband. A short time later, her husband died.

She distributed her wealth among the poor and those who were in prison, the confessors and the fighters, for the sake of their faith. When her fame reached Florus, the governor, he brought her before him, to inquire about her religion. She confessed that she was a Christian. He tried to entice her to leave her faith by promising her many precious gifts. When she did not listen to his promises, he punished her by torturing her. Finally he ordered her to be drowned. Through a miracle, God spared her from drowning. When the governor learned that she was still alive, he ordered that she be tied up to four pegs on the ground and be beaten ferociously and thrown into a pit of fire. They did so until she gave up her pure soul and was granted the crown of martyrdom.

St. Anastasia became a martyr on December 22, in the year 303 A.D. She was 28 years old.

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